Monday, 27 August 2012

Santiago isn't Chile

Today we're going to talk about Santiago. Each and every one of us views the city form a different perspective that depend on many things. For example, I have spent most of my life here but I had the chance to live in the north of England for some time. I have also spent some time in Germany and visited different cities in Latin America and New Zeland. All different places shaped by history, architecture, commerce and people. Regardless of these things, your personal situation and frame of mind can also affect the way you view a city.

Write about your vision of Santiago.


What you like about the city and why,

What you dislike about the city and why,

What changes would make the city a better place,

What tips would you give to a visitor to the city,

Write at least 180 words. Leave a message on the blogs of at least 3 classmates.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hello Everyone:
Today we start the last English level and blog writing  semester.
First of all, I'd like you to write the name of your blog on the whiteboard and then, link all classmates and me so we can all read each other's blogs and comment.Today I'd like you to think of a piece of news that has gone around the world for a while.
I'd like you to watch this short video and then answer the following questions on this case:


What do you think of this case?
Do you think Assange is guilty of the crime he is being accused of?
Do you think the Ecuatorians were right to offer him political assignment?

What do you think of the wikileaks scandal?
How do you think the case will end up?
If you had the chance to interview him, what would you ask him?  
As a psychologist to be, what do you think he's been going through (experimenting) in the past few months?

Write a minimum of 200 words. Comments.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Start blogging

Your first task is to create a blog and to link all your classmates. To begin with you need to create a gmail account unless, of course, you already have one.

First, go to and follow the instructions.

Please remember to change the language to ENGLISH during set up so that your blog is in English.

1. If you have a google account: sign in first, if you don’t have a google account: create a google account.
2. Go to:
3. Click: create your blog now  (URL)
4. Name your blog
5. Choose any template you like
6. Please write your name and URL clearly on the board. 
6. Go to dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page & change the language to English.
7. Go to design, add a gadget, LINK LIST, and add names & links and when you have the last name linked, save. Ask the teacher if you are not sure.

8. Start posting (dashboard). Today we will write a short post (150 words minimum)