Monday, 26 November 2012

Dear students:
This is our last post this semester. Write about the following.

   How do you feel about English in general?

   How did you like this subject at university? What about the use of blogs?
  What aspects of your English need to be improved and how do you plan to do this?
  Outside the English class, how much are you using English these days? What for?

Include any other comments you find relevant to improve the programme

- wordcount: 300
- make comments on 3 of your partners' posts.
The first task for today is to do the "evaluacion docente"
this is important for the English programme.
go to:

Monday, 19 November 2012

Please check the post I put about the oral exam.

Today task is slightly more challenging.

Go to:

Obviously, you can use www. word

> Select a piece of news connected to your area of studies / future career.
> Write a summary of it. Do not copy paste.
> Provide the link to your piece of news.
Please mention the reason why you chose it.

> Leave a comment on 3 of their partners' posts.
> 240 words

Here is some help:
Here is some help to practice for the oral interaction test that will be held on December 10th. Remember you need a partner for this activity (In pairs)It is a good idea to decide on it now.

You will speak about a topic chosen at random for a minimum of 5 mins.
Giving your opinionGiving your opinion neutrally

"I think…."

"I feel that…."

"In my opinion…."

"As far as I'm concerned…."

"As I see it…."

"In my view…"

Giving a strong opinion

"I'm absolutely convinced that…."

"I'm sure that….."

"I strongly believe that…."

"I have no doubt that…"


"What do you think (about /of X)?"

"What's your view (on)?"

"How do you see the situation (of)?"

Agreeing and disagreeing

"I think you're right."
"I agree with you."

Strong agreement
"I couldn't agree with you more."
"You're absolutely right."
"I agree entirely."
"I totally agree."

Agreeing in part

"I agree with you up to a point, but..."
"That's quite true, but..."
"I agree with you in principle, but..."


"I'm not sure I agree with you."
"(I'm afraid) I don't agree."
"(I'm afraid) I disagree."
"(I'm afraid) I can't agree with you."
"(I'm afraid) I don't share your opinion."

Note that when you disagree with someone, you can often sound
more polite by using a phrase such as "I'm afraid..."

Disagreeing strongly

"I don't agree at all."
"I totally disagree."
"I couldn't agree with you less."

Keeping a conversation going
Making comments

"No!" - to show surprise
"I don't believe it!" - to show surprise
"Wow!" - to show admiration or surprise
"That's incredible / amazing / unbelievable" - to show great
interest in the subject of conversation
"How awful / terrible" - to show sympathy with someone else's bad

Asking questions

"Really?" - to show surprise
"And you?" - when someone asks you how you are
"Did you?" - can be used to encourage someone to tell their story.

For example, "I saw her last night" "Did you?" "Yes, she was with one of her friends, and she...."

Monday, 12 November 2012

One great film I've seen in the last few years is a British film called ”Fish Tank”. I actually saw it at home on DVD as I don't go to the cinema very often any more (I've been once this year). The film is an independent movie by director Andrea Arnold and my friend Terry suggested that I watch it. The film tells the story of a young girl from a broken home growing up in a poor part of London. The film is a drama and it stars unknown actors. The lead role is played by Katie Jarvis and it also stars Michael Fassbender who is the star of another movie I was going to write about (and best movie I've seen this year) "Shame" by British director Steve McQueen (A must see movie - Watch it!!!). I enjoyed Fish Tank because it is a very British movie and it relates to elements of British culture that many people don't know about. But it is also the
The young girl in the story is a bit of a loner and has a very troubled home life. Actually, I've just seen that the full film is available (subtitled) on Youtube:) Here is the trailer.

Write about a movie you enjoyed. Say: What it's called, where and when you saw it, which actors star in it, What genre it is, What it's about, Why you enjoyed it. Mention anything else you find interesting. DO NOT write a summary of the movie. DO NOT copy and paste texts from IMDB or any other online site. It is your ideas I am after.
 Leave comments on your teacher's blog and the blogs of at least 3 classmates.

What do you think of this?
just a quick comment below, please

Monday, 5 November 2012

Dear all:
I hope you are well.
Many changes have occurred since we last had a lab class together.
In this blog, we have written about personal opinions and things we can relate to our experiences. This is why today I'd really like to know your opinion on this.
Politics. Why? Because politics is cross sectional and it affects all areas of our lives.  Thinking of municipalities, it is not a minor issue that they decide on the milk children receive, the medicine the local people get, the people who are admitted in certain schools (even though they shouldn’t), if the “morning- after pill” is distributed, the number of parks or football pitches,  among many other things. This is why the major of a borough should not be irrelevant.
In my personal case I believe in a society where there is participation of citizens, where there is respect for each other and where everyone’s opinions count. This is why, even though I strongly believe most politicians suck, I voted 9 days ago. Also because getting rid of the mayor we have/had has a symbolic meaning for those of us who believe in human rights. I have always gone and voted against this person and luckily this time, he lost.
A lot of the right wing mayors in traditionally right wing areas went home. I suppose the most striking fact is the level of abstention (Around 60%).  Does this respond to the political system we have? Or, just the fact that people are more interested in presidential elections?
Maybe this is where you stand, you did not vote because you don’t care. This is valid and worth expressing too.

Write about your position regarding elections and voting .
Did you vote? Why? Why not?
How do you feel about this? Why?
Our political system?
The fact that so many people did not vote?
Any other related ideas that come to mind.
Write a minimum of 240 words and 3 comments.