Monday, 29 October 2012

Dear all:

In your opinion, who is the greatest Chilean of all time?

Who it is,

What he/she did,

Why this person's deeds are important,

What question you would like to ask this person if you met them.

Mention anything else you think is important.

Write 220 words. Comment on at least 3 of your classmate's blogs PLUS one comment on mine
Dear all
Please refer to August around the 27th when I explained the blog evalution.
I also wanted to remind you of the importance of writing your own posts and not copy paste ( I realize this as I mark). This will help you improve the writing in general.
On a different note, in a previous post I put examples of correct English and also a verb list for you to USE when writing.
Kind regards,

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dear all:
Today we will have our first online practice for the final exam. All the tasks listed below are necessary so please don't skip any and take your time so the practice is worth it. You will need headphones for one part.

Please keep a record of the score you get in each activity.


In the following writing activity, read the instruction of what you need to say and then write. If you wish, click on the button that reads (show first letters) and then write the words.

Once you have finished, write a minimum of 150 words describing the activities and the advantages or disadvantages you see in them. Put 2 comments.

Monday, 8 October 2012

If I had to think of one in particular, I guess it would be difficult to give an answer, however, and since I don’t want to be incoherent, I will. I remember one morning in the day of my birthday that my husband woke me up and gave me an envelope. At the time I thought “What a weird present, is it money?” Then I opened it and I realized it was a plane ticket. I remember I was a bit shocked; really, it was a plane ticket with hotel and everything to go to Buenos Aires the weekend after. I did no show much enthusiasm at the time since I had been waiting for something different, I suppose. However, I think this has been one of the best weekends ever. I had never been to Buenos Aires before and we had a wonderful time. We went to the typical sights; we also went to a tango club (and tried to dance!). I spent hours in libraries and got a few books for much better prices. I suppose what I liked the most was the fact that people can be so nice there. Being a capital city, it is a completely different attitude towards others. Less aggressive, I think.  Also, in general the ordinary people in the streets seem so knowledgeable about their history, culture and that is really nice. It seems like culture is everywhere. I really enjoyed it. Now it is one of my good memories.

Write about a present you received.


What it was,

Who gave it to you,

Why you liked it,

Where it is now.

Write a minimum of 205 words and 4 comments.

Monday, 1 October 2012

First day

I still remember my first day at university. Obviously, I don’t remember all the details since it was ages ago, but I do remember special things.

But to set you in the context, let me tell you I did translation first but I was not sure I wanted that. However, I decided I would finish and then study sociology. I finished my course and started working as a translator and teacher. I also got to interpret stuff and I found it really fun and the money was Ok. This is why I thought; maybe I should get a teaching degree after all. I started looking at the possibilities around and wasn’t too impressed. So I decided to go away.

My first day at pedagogy was very exciting. Most classmates seemed younger and really nervous. I remember this very formal teacher talking to us about Education and the importance of being a teacher with a vocation. He also mentioned some really interesting facts about curriculum, assessment, and didactics, which made me think, O.M.G “this is where I need to be”. I listened to all these words as if they were said to me only and I really got engaged.

Then, we had the break and had some coffee with my classmates who mostly had found the speech really boring and meaningless. I remember having a nice chat with Gabriela, we spoke about music and also different places where you could teach. It was a nice day and I’ll never forget that particular first class.
Sociology is still on waiting list...

Talk about your first day at university. Mention:

How you felt

What the first few classes were like

Who you spoke to

What you did

Anything else you find relevant.

Write a minimum of 200 words and four comments in total.
Dear all
Don't forget your blogwork is really important. Not only for your mark but for the learning process. Some of you are doing the work very quickly and not really making progress from class to class.
I have posted common expressions and a verb list below for you to benefit from them.
Please USE them!